Mushroomcore Forest



Immerse yourself in the allure of nature’s mystery with our Mushroom-Inspired Goblincore Blanket. Designed to evoke the living, flowing spirit of the forest, this blanket captures the magic of mushrooms with its vibrant blend of greens and orange hues. Get this amazing piece of Goblincore Decor today! Available in two cozy sizes, 30in x 40in and 60in x 80in, this blanket offers both comfort and style. Whether draped over a sofa, laid across a bed, or used to keep warm during a crisp outdoor evening, it’s sure to add a whimsical touch to any setting. The playful design and rich colors make it an appealing addition to any room’s decor and a perfect gift for lovers of goblincore aesthetics or natural magic. Crafted with attention to detail and an appreciation for the enchantment of nature, this blanket is more than a simple accessory – it’s a statement piece. Wrap yourself in the warmth of the forest and let the magic of the mushroom kingdom flow around you. NB! Due to variations in the production process, blankets may arrive up to 3″ shorter than their listed size. .: 100% Polyester .: One sided print .: 2 sizes

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